About Us.

Who Are We?

The African BBQook Association (ABQ) serves as a hub for culinary enthusiasts, professionals, and lovers of African cuisine. Through its preservation efforts, educational initiatives, and collaborative platforms, the association aims to promote the diverse culinary heritage of Africa, fostering innovation, appreciation, and recognition of African barbecue and cooking. The ABQ’s impact reaches far beyond the culinary realm, contributing to cultural preservation, economic growth, and a deeper understanding of African traditions.

Mr. William Yeboah

CEO Yesarko

Mrs. Doreen Akuetteh

Business Executive


Meet The Brains behind ABQ

The ABQ executives are experienced professionals from various backgrounds, including renowned chefs, food enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and cultural ambassadors. They are united by their shared love for food, Bbq and their desire to showcase Africa’s unique flavors and techniques to a global audience.

The executives of ABQ work collaboratively to fulfill the association’s mission and objectives. They organize and host events, such as barbecue competitions, cooking workshops, and food festivals, where they bring together chefs, grill masters, and food enthusiasts to showcase the diverse range of African barbecue and cooking styles.

ABQ executives also play a crucial role in fostering innovation and creativity within the African culinary scene. They support and mentor emerging talent, provide educational resources, and promote sustainable practices in barbecue and cooking. Additionally, they actively engage with local communities to create awareness about the cultural significance of African cuisine and the importance of preserving traditional cooking methods.

Mr. Benjamin Y. Adu

Business Executive

Mr George Barrigah


Our Mission

The mission of the African BBQook Association is to preserve, promote, and elevate the art of African barbecue and cooking. The association aims to preserve traditional cooking techniques, encourage innovation, and create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among culinary professionals and enthusiasts.

Our Core Values

The African BBQook Association (ABQ) is an organization that embodies a set of core values aimed at promoting and celebrating African culinary traditions, particularly those related to barbecuing and cooking.


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